About Pinholery

Me, my Cameras and the Images

As you can see, I am dedicated to the traditional photographic processes, from capture, through development of the film to the print in my own little darkroom. I do not want one without the other.

All the images shown on pinholery.de are digitized from photographic prints or contacts produced by traditional darkroom techniques. Often the images are lith prints or kallitypes but also normal b&w prints.

The images on pinholery.de are captured with pinhole cameras of different formats - from a small medium format camera, up to 4×5" and a self built 8×10" camera.

Why Pinhole Photography?

We live in a world of information overflow. Wherever we are, we find ourself flooded with information. The pinhole image goes the other route in that it only contains an information reduced image. It invites you to stay not because of all the details you might find in it but because of the details which are not there.

That means, when looking at pinhole photographs, what keeps me looking is not what I see, but more what I do not see.

Why Lith?

Lith is a process I am addicted to. The look of lith prints very well adds to the feel of pinhole photographs. I like it, that's it!

Why a Blog?

In my opinion a good photographers web site should be a bit like a virtual photo book. Now, if you look at many photographers web sites, they are organized like an image database. That is easier to do: Here are my landscapes, here are my portraits, here are my animals ...

Producing a good photo book is much more difficult, you need some closed content kind of. That might be finished projects or images aboout a common theme.

I am not able or not ready to produce such a virtual photo book and I do not want to start a personal image database. Blogging e.g. photo blogging is my way out of this. It is much simpler as I do not have to present a conceptually finished set of images (as one would do in a photo book). So I will from time to time present some new images on this blog. The aim is to present at least one image in a weeks timeframe. That does not necessarily mean that this image has been captured during that week - darkroom time is rare, but I will try to print four pinhole images a month, if possible even more. We will see how this will evolve over time, but I will also use this blog to keep myself going.


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This is an archive of a closed blog project. For my current images visit: ZoneV